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Gustavo Genta

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The work of Gustavo Genta is multi-informed. Like fabric, it intertwines interests, style, and approximations of form and expression possibilities of the materials. Genta has created a corpus of works featuring a system of signs and a personal language, allowing him to address different supports, media, and formats while maintaining a style that identifies him. His works maintain a dialogue with architecture and praise it, subverting the order of these vital spaces nontrivially, opening new registers to possible monochromatic games and multiple lighting effects.

Gustavo Genta is an industrial designer from Uruguay. He graduated from the Industrial Design Center of Uruguay and now lives and works in Montevideo. Gustavo loves turning ideas into practical designs, whether it's sleek electronics or comfy furniture. He's all about making things look good and work well for people.


Individual exhibition Parallel paths Galeria del Paseo, Manantiales, UY, 2020

Individual exhibition, Tribu cultural space, Montevideo, UY, 2019

Individual exhibition, Tribu cultural space, Montevideo, UY, 2018

Collective exhibition Ancestors at the Zorrilla Museum, Montevideo, UY, 2015

TMTR collective exhibition at the Iturria Foundation, UY, 2014

Collective exhibition of Municipal Subway Extensions Montevideo, UY, 2013
Individual exhibition of 3 WTC Tower Structures Montevideo, UY, 2013
Collective exhibition at the Embassy of Mexico Montevideo, UY, 2013
Convergences Exhibition Contemporary Art Space Montevideo, UY, 2013

Group exhibition Planiferio at the MUMI (Museum of Migrations) Montevideo, UY, 2012
Group exhibition Art Futura at the MUMI (Museum of Migrations) Montevideo, UY, 2012

Exhibit at the DC Arts Center Gallery Washington DC, United States, 2010

Exhibition in “5 o'clock” Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2005

“Octobre” Gallery Exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland, 2004
“5 o'clock” Gallery Exhibition, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2004
“Jan Ken Poï” Gallery Exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland, 2004

“La Grenade” Theater Exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland, 2003

“Grütli” Theater Exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland, 2002


Panda Dome Project large kinetic sculpture in Chengdu, China. Selected to be carried out in 2019., 2018

Selected at the Municipal Hall of Montevideo, UY., 2016

Seventh prize in the World Trade Center sculpture competition Montevideo, UY, 2014

Selected in the sculpture competition of the World Trade Center Montevideo, UY, 2011

Participation in the Loberías Festival in Cabo Polonio, UY. Lighting intervention in the dunes of Cabo Polonio, 2008
Urban Insect Exhibition in the dunes of Cabo Polonio, the lighthouse rocks and South Beach, UY, 2008

National Crafts Award / Uruguay, creation of 2 stamps with the work of Gustavo Genta by the National Post Office, 2008

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