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Irene Singer

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My father was a doctor. I grew up captivated by images in medical brochures and magazines. My mother taught me to memorize this axiom: "The cell is the smallest anatomical-physiological element capable of carrying out the attributes of life: being born, growing, reproducing, and dying." This is perhaps why the organic has always been the common thread of my work, the excuse to relate to the scientific aspects of nature. I am fascinated by taxonomies and the universe of the tiny.

Between 1984 and 1992, Irene directed artistic engraving and silkscreen workshops at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Quito, Ecuador, the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, and the Praxis Art Gallery in Buenos Aires and Mexico.

After moving to Buenos Aires in 1992, she has worked as an illustrator, co-authored with writers, and developed projects as an integral author. She has published in Argentina, Puerto Rico, Spain, Brazil, Guatemala, Chile, Italy, and the United States, and her work has been awarded in Mexico, Venezuela, and Argentina. She was included in the White Ravens of the Internationale Jugendbibliothek of Munich and different editions of the Bratislava Biennial. In 2017, her work evolved to a more expansive net of techniques and expressions.

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