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Our Mission

Spotte Art is an online platform dedicated to showcasing and selling the exceptional creations of mid-career artists.


Our narrative unfolds at the intersection of art and commerce, where tradition gracefully merges with innovation. The collective voices of our artists resound to shape the narrative
of their creations. In the digital expanse of our platform, each stroke and creation narrates a compelling story of unwavering dedication, profound passion, and artistic mastery.

We aim to craft a unique ecosystem where appreciation, support, and inspiration thrive harmoniously. Art becomes a conduit for shared experiences and profound connections.


Join us in this transformative journey where the world of art unfolds in all its splendor, weaving a tapestry of stories that resonate across borders and cultures.

About Us

Created in 2013, Spotte Art has been an online platform that has evolved into a bastion of artistic expression and discovery.

Our journey is steeped in a commitment to celebrating art creativity in its myriad forms.

In the early chapters of our history, Spotte Art emerged as a visionary endeavor, a digital gallery founded on the belief that
art should transcend boundaries and find its way into the hearts and homes of enthusiasts worldwide.


As the pages of our history turned, so did our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive space. We have witnessed our society's indisputable changes. Spotte Art proudly shares
this history of evolution and adaptation with a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.

Today our platform is evolving to meet the nuanced demands of a broad clientele keeping the spirit of accessibility.

Ultimately our goal is to foster a dynamic ecosystem where art transcends boundaries and finds purpose in various facets of life.

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Our Audience

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Spotte Art is a dynamic intersection where artistic conceptions meet the demands of a varied audience.

Our audience caters to both novice and seasoned collectors alike, finding a haven where curated selections of mid-career artists promise aesthetic pleasure and the potential for investment returns.

For interior designers, Spotte Art becomes a treasure trove of inspiration, providing a curated selection of contemporary creations that breathe life into diverse design concepts. Whether it is a residential space seeking a focal point of artistic allure or a commercial project demanding a visual
narrative that captivates, our platform serves as a seamless conduit between creative expression and design needs.

Also, we have access to exclusive private collectors and collections worldwide that help us find pieces that will fill the gaps or the perfect space with contemporary and modern masterpieces.

In recognizing the commercial realm, Spotte Art extends its embrace to businesses seeking to elevate their spaces with a distinctive visual identity. From office spaces to hospitality venues, our curated and commissioned pieces cater to the
needs of commercial clients, offering bespoke solutions beyond decoration to make a lasting impression on clients, customers, and employees alike.

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