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Reexpression - acrylic on raw cotton canvas 40 x 27,5 in .jpeg

Agostinho Paulo Moura

Agostinho photo.jpeg

In various regions across Africa, a tradition once prevalent - and in certain areas, still observed - involved the intricate art of scarification, where patterns were delicately etched into the skin using razors. These marks serve as powerful symbols, signifying the transition from youth to adulthood, embodying profound rites of passage within these communities.


The IFÉ heads stand as evocative sculptures capturing the essence of these cultural imprints, representing them not as mere scars, but as timeless tattoos etched into the very fabric of existence.

Renowned Visual Artist hailing from Brazil, with a rich academic background in Philosophy from the Catholic University of São Paulo. Further honed skills and artistic sensibilities through dedicated study of "Practical-Theoretical Issues of Painting in Contemporaneity" at the EAV School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro.


Notable experience in video production encompassing fiction and documentary works. It is in the realm of painting that the true essence of artistry shines, with a recent shift towards this primary focus. Elevating the canvas to realms of profound expression, the artist has graced platforms with solo exhibitions. Notable showcases include captivating displays at the Casa de Cultura da Penha in São Paulo and the esteemed Brasil Innovation Week in Rio de Janeiro.

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