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04 ¡Una danza de luz¡--- ¡Luz por arriba y Luz por abaj! Rituales de sanación y Garcia Lor

Ana Crespo


“I believe that imagination is one of the human being's greatest responsibilities, what we imagine opens a door, it draws a path along which future “walkers” can go. When one takes on the role of an artist, one acquires a great responsibility, which begins by “polishing” the imagination in order to access clearer reflections.”

Ana Crespo is Doctora en Bellas Artes (Doctor of Fine Arts) and a multidisciplinary artist. With a broad exhibiting background, which began in Europe in the 1980s, she has simultaneously worked as a teacher of Color and Técnicas Gráficas since 1988.
Her aesthetic research is reflected in the various books she has written, for example: El Zen en el Arte (1997) -Zen in art; Los Bellos Colores del Corazón (2008) - The Heart's Beautiful Colours; Rojo, Verde, Blanco y Negro, las Cuatro Ramas del Árbol del Universo (2013) -Red, Green White and Black, the Four Branches of the Tree of the Universe- based on colour symbolism in Sufism (currently being translated into Arabic); and her latest book, soon to be published, La cualidad develadora de la Imaginación –Imagination’s Capacity to Unveil.

A Ladder of Light for Federico. Casa Árabe, Cordoba, 2022
"Unveiling" Gallery of the International University of Sarajevo. Sarajevo, 2019
"Beyond the form" with Melija Teparich. Visual dialogue. National Gallery of Sarajevo, 2018
Taj Mahal A Story Of Love. Astarté Gallery, Madrid, Spain, 2017
Taj Mahal. The Time Of the Lion, Spotteart Gallery, New York, US, 2014
To Eternal Waters’ Nana Nanita Nana. Palacio de la Mosquera. Ávila, Spain, 2010
José en la tierra o el reflejo de la Luna llena . Abba Gallery, Majorca, Spain, 2010
Venus And Canope’s Wedding Banquet. Gallery Astarté, Madrid, Spain, 2009
In the Ruby’s Heart. Amir Tas Palace, Cairo, Egypt, 2008
En El Corazón Del Rubí. ABA Gallery, Majorca, Spain, 2004
Crossing Time. Arteara Gallery, Madrid, Spain, 2002
The Angel Peacock. Gallery Antonio Camba, Mallorca, Spain, 2001
Light, More Light! Contemporary Art Museum, Toledo, Spain, 2001
Ana Crespo. Antonio Camba Gallery, Majorca, Spain, 2000
Healing Rituals. Gallery Astarté, Madrid, Spain, 2000
Alchemy. Carmen De La Guerra Gallery, Madrid, Spain, 1997
Alchemy Of The Heart. Palacio de Castejones, Soria, Spain, 1994

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